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Trailblazing NBA Women Coaches

As we celebrate International Women's Day, we're proud to play a part in so many amazing careers! Charlotte Gibson of ESPN recognized the women trailblazers breaking into the NBA coaching ranks and gave them an opportunity to tell their unique stories. The NBA Summer League is featured as an instrumental step in the coaching developments of Becky Hammon, Natalie Nakase, Kristi Toliver, and more. Click here to learn more: http://bit.ly/nbawomentrailblazers

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Previous Lott IMPACT Trophy Winners Making a Difference

Previous Lott IMPACT Trophy winners J.J. Watt, Jerry Hughes, and Anthony Barr are not only impressing on the field, but also off the field. Each of these players has taken pride in being involved in the community and listed below is some of their work. 2009 Lott IMPACT Trophy Winner and former TCU star Jerry Hughes donates $15,000 to Fort Worth North Side football program. Read the full article here: Former TCU DE Jerry Hughes Donates $15,000 2010 Lott IMPACT Trophy winner J.J. Watt serves as a role model [...]

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How U.S. Soccer Digitally Tracks The “Training Load” On Every Player

Until recently, U.S. Soccer kept track of its athletes' workouts by using team staffers to actually record heart rate and other vital workout data into spreadsheets. But with its Team 2 system, Polar Technology has changed all that. Since pairing with U.S. Soccer as its official heart rate monitor provider, Polar has pushed soccer analytics to a whole new level of accessibility in near real time that enables customizable individualization of every player's workout. Using a Bluetooth heart rate monitor operating off of a strap around each player's chest, the [...]

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Samsung Wants to Be a Premium Brand In Home Appliances

    Samsung sells more TVs than anyone else, but they're trying to become a premium brand in other staples of domestic life, and they've got a colossal marketing budget to make it happen. On Wednesday, the Korean electronics giant revealed the latest features of its home appliances line with a decadent event in downtown Manhattan, where four Michelin star chefs shared a stage with Samsung executives. For the event, the company renovated a warehouse, which will serve briefly as a showroom for its line of kitchen, dishwasher [...]

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How Can the U.S. Advance in the World Cup? Root for Ties!

The U.S. was seconds away from escaping its group, but a last minute header from Portugal tied the game at 2-2. With the U.S. sitting on four points in the group standings (three points for its win over Ghana and one for its tie against Portugal), it will come down to Thursday's games to determine if the team will go on to the next round of the World Cup. The quickest way to put it? Root for ties, or draws as they're known in soccer. If either the [...]

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The Evolution of the Adidas World Cup Soccer Ball

As soccer fans around the globe gear up to take in the World Cup on Thursday, a number of companies are using the event to push their tech-focused efforts into the spotlight. But long before the Twitter World Cup hashtag campaigns and Google Maps' virtual tours of the playing fields, for years Adidas, one of the oldest sports wear brands around, has been quietly advancing the technology behind one of the most important components of the event: the ball. "We've been at the forefront of every major soccer innovation for nearly 90 years and the [...]

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Samsung Reportedly Explored Acquiring Company That Powers Siri

Siri, can you say "complicated"? Nuance Communications, a software company that develops speech recognition tools and powers Apple's Siri personal assistant, has talked with multiple companies about a possible sale, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. One of those, according to the report, just happens to Apple's rival, Samsung. That said, The Journal is unclear on the seriousness of these talks — and which, if any, may lead to a deal. A representative for Nuance declined to comment on the report, and Samsung did not immediately respond to our request for [...]

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Twitter Launches Video-Sharing Feature With Visa, Adidas

Twitter appears to be experimenting with a new mobile ad feature with two World Cup advertisers, Visa and Adidas. The feature, which Twitter had apparently tested with the film A Million Ways to Die in the West last month, lets you easily share a video ad when you use a hashtag. For instance, if you type "#visa" and then a space, you should see a paper clip prompt in your Twitter iOS app. Click on the icon and you can attach a video, which is an ad for Visa. Adidas is testing a [...]

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World Cup Day 9 Preview: Will Italy and France Take Their Groups?

As the dust of the World Cup group stages begins to settle, the intensity of the round of 16 begins to loom over Brazil. Group B is all but settled. Australia are heading home, as are the reigning champs Spain. The Netherlands and Chile move into the tournament's round of 16, though their order has yet to be determined. Group C saw its first playoff spot go to Colombia on Thursday, after it defeated the Ivory Coast 2-1. But what about Group D and E? Let's take a look at what [...]

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ercedes’ Key to Instagram Success: Drive With the Doors Open How an auto brand cracked our social-video top 10

While the National Basketball Association sits atop the VideoWatch/Shareablee top 10 rankings for brands for the third week in a row, per usual, our list has a new entry that'sbreaking all the rules. Mercedes-Benz charts at No. 6 this week, thanks to a 15-second video that showcases one of its vintage models meandering via a two-lane highway in Italy—with its car doors totally ajar. The auto was evidently participating in the Mille Miglia, a race for classic cars in the European country. Mercedes is not only making its initial appearance, but the [...]

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