How to Make a Marketing Video for Your Business

By Max Miller I can’t even begin to stress the importance and advantages of incorporating video into your business, no matter what it is! Now, the thought of creating your own video may be intimidating, or even impossible, but with the resources available to every single person today, it’s not! In fact, it’s so easy I’m going to walk you through each step you need to take to not just make a video, but to make a SUCCESSFUL video that gains views and actually [...]

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The 5 Biggest Design Trends of 2019 and Their Impact on 2020

By Jordan Cuellar As the world continues to evolve, creative design is assisting in driving the visual aesthetics. Although we’re only a month away from the end of 2019, I continue to see things out in the design world gaining notoriety that can transition well into the New Year. It’s good to reflect on what’s happened as it will only help to dictate what we can expect in 2020, especially with technology being more of a dominant force in our day to day lives. [...]

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3 Strategies to Boost Open Rates on Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

By Jake Kelfer Hey hey! Imagine getting hundreds of emails with the subject line - Payment Received… You’d feel pretty great, right? Now, imagine getting 5 times the amount of emails with the same subject line. You’d be feeling really great. The only thing that changed from the first to the second scenario is in the second more people opened your email My name is Jake Kelfer and I focus on marketing and business development here at HallPass Media. In today’s age, it’s vital for [...]

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By Max Miller As we move forward into the world of 5G and beyond, the demand for instant content at your fingertips is ever growing! Whether you’re in retail, technology, entertainment, or sports, in order to build your brand you’ve got to keep up with trend of instantaneous content.  So if you’ve got a high school, club, or college sports team or maybe a product or brand that revolves around the sports industry, I want to share with you 3 reasons to consider live-stream [...]

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Intern Report: Where are they now?

After another record-breaking NBA Summer League, the VSL team has helped over 25 current and former interns and Sports Business Classroom attendees land roles with the NBA, G League, UFC, NCAA, and Marketing Agencies. Other Notable Alumni: 1. Abby Hornacek – Fox 2. Adam Mann – Adam Mann.TV 3. Addison Mercer – DocuSign 4. Adrian Booker - Reno Bighorns 5. AJ Sambado – HallPass Media 6. Alex Kline – New Orleans Pelicans 7. Alex Snyder – Wasserman Media Group 8. Alexa Hernandez – Square 9. Alice Shang – [...]

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2019 NBA Summer League Dates Announced

This year’s event will be July 5-15 at the Thomas & Mack Center and Cox Pavilion, and the schedule was tweaked at the request of NBA clubs to make it a little more compact. A record announced attendance of 139,972 attended last year’s Summer League, which was July 6-17. That was the first time all 30 teams participated. Orlando decided to no longer stage a Summer League, creating the way for Las Vegas to get the full lineup. The Portland Trail Blazers defeated the Lakers 91-73 in the [...]

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Staff Spotlight: BJ Domingo

This week the HallPass team sat down with Former NBA Summer League Standout BJ Domingo. In this interview BJ talks about his current role as a Scout with the Milwaukee Bucks and his passion for basketball. Q: You have been a part of the NBA Summer League for 5 years. Tell us about your experience as part of the staff. It was my introduction to basketball at the highest level. At Summer League I was part of the Game Ops Crew, my role was to play music in-between [...]

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Feature Friday with NBA Summer League Alum Jacob Bingemann

Each year the NBA Summer League creates countless opportunities for more than just the athletes who compete in it. Our VSL “family” has now grown into a tight-knit army over the years, with influence all over the sports industry. We are very proud to spotlight our alumni around the NBA and other professional sports, and this week we have a feature on 3-year veteran Jacob Bingemann. Jacob is currently working with the LA Clippers as a Communications Assistant. Q: You have been a part of the NBA Summer [...]

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