Compton Magic and HallPass Team Up for The Magic Bubble


On August 22nd the HallPass Team partnered with Compton Magic to form the Magic Bubble, a unique setting which used basketball as a vehicle to bring together the community to educate, inform and deliver positive messages and action plans during these challenging times. “Peaceful, Constructive, Collaborative” were words used to describe the setting designed to promote solutions and start productive conversations.    

Compton Magic is a top grassroots AAU basketball program with a global following and long history of successful players and programs on and off the court.   The event’s main focus was to encourage Voting and openly share information from LA Police Department staff and former Compton Magic players with the young people in attendance. The discussion centered on police education and reform, removing stereotypes and the accountability of everyone involved to reduce social injustices. The group also touched on voter registration and minority scholarship accessibility, meanwhile the entire event adhered to current health and safety protocols to ensure compliance and social distancing. It was a strong start to an optimistic approach of dealing with the issues we all face today and using basketball as a way to bring positivity to everyone in attendance. 

HallPass designed and produced the entire event look, feel, creative concept, installation and flow and seeks to expand the model and platform into other areas of the country. For additional information, please contact us: 

Big thanks to Etop, the entire Compton Magic family, Draft Sports Complex, Promo Gator, Cassy Athena, Ball is Life, Overtime, SLAM, the Dreamers and many more for their support.