McDonalds All-American teams highlighted by 12 adidas Nations alumni

The East and West rosters for the  McDonald's All-American Game  that will be played in Chicago on April 2nd have announced. Twelve combined players on these rosters are adidas Nations alumni. Two of which will be headlined as a "must-see matchup between two of the best big men in the country, both of whom call Chicago home, as Jahlil Okafor leads the West and Cliff Alexander headlines the East. HallPass Media has been involved with adidas Nations for the past five years managing all on-site camp operations and developing digital content to cover the [...]

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Thunder’s Brooks earns spot as West coach in All-Star Game

via www.nba.com NEW YORK -- Oklahoma City Thunder head coach Scott Brooks will coach the Western Conference All-Stars for the 2014 NBA All-Star Game to be played on Sunday, Feb. 16, at New Orleans Arena. The Thunder (36-10, .783) clinched the best record in the Western Conference through games played Feb. 2, by virtue of the Portland Trail Blazers' loss to the Memphis Grizzlies on Jan. 28. Frank Vogel and his Indiana Pacers coaching staff will lead the Eastern Conference All-Stars, as the Pacers clinched the best record in the conference by [...]

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Spike Lee to host show on SiriusXM NBA Radio

Via NBA.com NEW YORK (AP) -- Spike Lee can now talk about his beloved New York Knicks, or any other basketball topic, all he wants. The director and passionate Knicks fan will host a show on SiriusXM NBA Radio beginning next week, discussing topics from around the league. "Spike Lee's Best Seat in the House" debuts Jan. 30 at 7 p.m. EST on Channel 217 and will air every other week, featuring guests from both the sports and entertainment worlds. Lee has courtside seats at Madison Square Garden, where [...]

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2014 California Showcase – Bridging the gap through scholarship opportunities

California Showcase: Helping Underprivileged Youth Go To College CHANGING LIVES, CHANGING CULTURES through Football.  HallPass Media, the official agency of record for the Lott IMPACT Trophy and the Pacific Club Foundation proudly support the California Showcase. The California Showcase is a free one day, non-profit event presented by Coach Terry Donahue (formerly of UCLA, 1976-1995) and the National Football Foundation (founded in 1947 with current President/CEO Steve Hatchell) for high school seniors to display their skills to Division II, III, and NAIA football programs. Coach Donahue and the National Football Foundation believe that [...]

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Memphis Grizzlies Draft 8-Year-Old Boy with Cerebral Palsy

Via Today.com Charvis Brewer, an 8-year-old super-fan of the Memphis Grizzlies, has bragging rights that most children can only dream about. On Sunday, the basketball team drafted Charvis as its newest and youngest member. The ceremony, complete with a mock press conference, team photograph and visit to the locker room, was orchestrated by Make-A-Wish, a non-profit wish-granting organization for children with life-threatening medical conditions. Charvis has cerebral palsy, a neurological condition that confines him to a wheelchair. His mother, Colissa Brewer, and a home health aide tend to his [...]

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Trail Blazers Coach Terry Stotts’ Long Road to the Top

Via ESPN.com In the spring of 1988, Portland Trail Blazers head coach Terry Stotts was preparing to accept a job offer from Upjohn pharmaceuticals. He’d spent the eight years since graduating from the University of Oklahoma bouncing around the basketball world: cut after three months from a professional team in Italy; three seasons playing for George Karl in the Continental Basketball Association; a season in Spain; two seasons in France wrapped around years earning an MBA degree back in Oklahoma. When Upjohn called, he was 30 years old [...]

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Toronto Raptors Coach Dwane Casey Wants Team to Avoid Friendly Greetings with Opponents

Via Toronto Sun   For a man that knows the value of physically dominating an opponent, Dwane Casey isn't a big fan of all the friendly exchanges between teams once the whistle blows. Whether it's the pre-tipoff hugs or the bum pats during a game or even helping an opponent up from the hardwood, the Raptors coach would just as soon leave all the niceties until after the game. And slowly, he's getting his team to come around to his way of thinking. "Not as much," Casey said [...]

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Oklahoma City’s Scott Brooks is a “Player’s Coach”

Via NewsOK.com   For the Monday Oklahoman, I wrote about Kendrick Perkins and his Celtic ties. You can read that column here. I also had a conversation with injured Boston star Rajon Rondo, who isn’t giving interviews but agreed to chat about his old pal Perk. And one of the things I asked him is how Perkins likes it in Oklahoma City. “He’s happy where he is,” Rondo said. “He likes the organization, he loves Coach Brooks.” That’s something we forget. How much of an impact Scotty Brooks has his [...]

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Twitter May Soon be Offering Analytics to Everday Users

Via TechCrunch.com Twitter has begun experimenting with an account, called @AchievementBird, that will direct message you ‘achievements’ that you earn with your tweets. The account is protected but has granted follows in the past few days. Once you’re on the list, the account will occasionally send you messages about how one of your tweets has performed. Xero engineer Owen Williams noted the account on Twitter, as well as a couple of the messages that he had received so far: One of my tweets was ‘used in an article’ and AchievementBird notified [...]

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10 Web Analytics Trends for 2014

Via Mashable.com Last year was a great year in the web analytics world. We saw awesome advancements from just about every vendor in the web analytics industry. Some of my favorite achievements of the past 12 months were: -Google rolled out the Google Tag Manager to the masses and launched very cool functions such as auto event tracking. -The addition of demographic data in Google Analytics has led to amazing insights. -Adobe launched a new (much improved) interface to Adobe Analytics which showed how useful a web analytics [...]

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