In 2012 HallPass Media partnered with SiriusXM Radio to create Off the Dribble, a show built upon inside perspectives of NBA coaches and players around the league, covering trending topics and talking to the biggest names in the game.

HallPass assisted SiriusXM in producing talent and guests for the show, as well as integrations into NBA All-Star Weekend and NBA Summer League. Additionally, HallPass assisted with online marketing, social media strategies and the creation of an On Demand audio library.

Off the Dribble aired 160+ shows during the first year and was well received by those throughout the league. 2013 has seen the success of the show parlayed into SiriusXM and the NBA developing SiriusXM NBA Radio, a channel dedicated to 24/7 NBA news, play-by play commentary and analysis.

SiriusXM NBA Radio has expanded into daily programming from 7am to 7pm EST, followed by live game coverage throughout the Sirius network. New hosts and analysts include Steve Kerr, Kenny Smith, Nancy Lieberman, Stacey King, Lionel Hollins, Mike Dunleavy Sr. and Sam Mitchell and many more insiders from around the league.

HallPass will continue to assist SiriusXM in producing talent, online marketing, live event execution and partnership development for the channel. Tune in to Sirius channel 217 to catch all of the SiriusXM NBA Radio action.

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