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Los Angeles, CA (March 7, 2012) –IntelliSkin, a performance enhancing apparel brand, has received overwhelmingly positive study results from renowned orthopaedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews, it was announced today by Dr. Tim Brown, IntelliSkin creator.

Dr. Andrews is internationally recognized for his skills as an orthopaedic surgeon as well as his scientific and clinical research contributions in knee, shoulder and elbow injury prevention and treatment. He is particularly well known as the orthopaedic surgeon for high profile athletes in all major sports leagues and for his Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center in Birmingham, Alabama.

“This was a landmark and well controlled research study with baseball pitchers and the IntelliSkin shirt,” said Dr. James Andrews. “The increase in throwing velocity was an important finding, but even more important was the shirts ability to delay fatigue as the pitch count increased. This product has great potential not only for use as an injury prevention device with overhead athletes, but also for accelerating the rehab process following injury or surgery.”

Dr. Andrews and his team performed a study titled ‘Performance and Fatigue in Baseball Pitchers Using the IntelliSkin Compression Shirt,’ which followed the performance of male baseball pitchers between the ages of 15 and 25, who practiced while wearing the IntelliSkin Foundation shirt. During the testing sessions, pitching performance improved significantly, when wearing the IntelliSkin shirts. Pitchers consistently threw faster and felt less fatigued. Additionally, arm and shoulder pain was significantly reduced while throwing.

The average pitch speed while wearing the IntelliSkin shirts increased by more than one mile per hour for the subjects, an important difference for pitchers seeking even the slightest edge among their peers. This result included increases in pitch speed for a series of pitch counts, up to 60 pitches. Back, neck and elbow pain, which is highly prevalent in pitchers at all levels, decreased for the majority of players while wearing the shirt, even as pitch counts increased. After wearing IntelliSkin, some players felt the shirt ‘kept the heat in,’ and others didn’t experience the usual soreness after pitching sessions.

“I have respected the work of Dr. Andrews for a long time, so this is a tremendous endorsement by one of the leading experts in our field,” said IntelliSkin creator, Dr. Tim Brown. “These objective results continue to support other successful studies we have conducted across a number of sports, and we’re thrilled to continue the positive momentum throughout 2012.” Previous studies have proven that the IntelliSkin shirt improves both posture and alignment.

Miami Marlins ace pitcher Josh Johnson, recently wore the IntelliSkin Foundation shirt during his recovery from a shoulder injury and credits the IntelliSkin shirt for aiding a successful rehabilitation. “During my rehabilitation after surgery and now as part of my daily training, the IntelliSkin shirt helps me with Tall Man Syndrome and improves my posture. The shirt keeps things more aligned and my shoulder in the right spot,” Johnson stated.

Marlins infielder and IntelliSkin ambassador, Greg Dobbs also recently worked with Dr. Brown and the IntelliSkin team during his successful rehab from a back injury, which helped him make the Marlins starting squad in 2011. In addition to the Miami Marlins and Houston Astros, there are currently 10 MLB teams who are utilizing the IntelliSkin for their athletes, trainers, and staff.

IntelliSkin shirts are worn by some of the biggest names in sports and fitness, including 11-time ASP world champion surfer, Kelly Slater; PGA champion Mike Weir; Champions Tour pro John Cook, and Peter Park, Lance Armstrong’s personal trainer. Other brand ambassadors include Olympic Volleyball Gold Medalists Phil Dalhausser and Misty May-Treanor, both on track to compete in the 2012 London Games. In addition, Dr. Brown has treated musicians such as Glenn Frey from the Eagles, and former Guns n’ Roses guitarist Duff McKagan for posture improvement from years of ‘guitar back.’

IntelliSkin products help reduce the likelihood of neck, back or shoulder pain, by supporting proper spinal alignment. Minimize the risk of injury associated with poor posture, stimulate and tone muscles, and improve respiration and oxygen flow to the brain and muscles by wearing IntelliSkin.

For additional information about IntelliSkin and Dr. Tim Brown, please visit www.intelliskin.net or the IntelliSkin Facebook Page

About IntelliSkin

IntelliSkin is a revolutionary performance enhancing apparel brand designed by renowned sports physician, Dr. Tim Brown, to improve the way you look, feel, perform and live. Featuring a unique design that impacts key areas of the spine and shoulders, IntelliSkin conforms to the individual’s back as a second skin and gradually reshapes these areas for improved posture. The product line was developed through Dr. Brown’s extensive sports medicine work with volleyball players, surfers and other elite athletes, but is tailored for everyday individuals looking to improve their overall well-being.

World-class athletes along with respected trainers and physicians, have utilized IntelliSkin in their training, recovery and treatment programs and spoken on behalf of the brand’s benefits. For more information, visit www.intelliskin.net

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