HallPass Media client IntelliSkin took to the convention floor at the Chiropractic Sports Sciences Symposium in Boston and gave many a first-hand experience into the most authentic and original posture products on the market.

The IntelliSkin team was positioned  with the necessary materials to grab the attention of all convention members. HallPass Media created feature panels for display, product brochures, dicut handouts and produced a video loop for all to view as they gathered at the booth. IntelliSkin was represented by Creator and Co-Founder Dr. Tim Brown, Co-Founder JC Henry, and the Business Development team of Dr. John Pecora, and Eric Vallely. Dr. Tim Brown said, “Boston could not have gone any better for IntelliSkin. It was like we were the most popular kids on campus and everyone wanted to hang out with us. Thanks to HallPass Media we were well prepared and turned the Boston opportunity into an IntelliSkin success.”

HallPass Media and IntelliSkin would like to sincerely thank all of those who stopped by and took the time to experience our products and get to know who we are.  We proudly sold 50 Fit Kits, and inked 85 new accounts from across the country…thank you for becoming part of the IntelliSkin Team.