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Nielsen Shows How Super Bowl Fans Stay Connected

via mashable.com by Camille Bautista When the first touchdown is scored on game day, some avid sports fans take to social media to announce their shared victory. Aside from the beer and never-ending abundance of chicken wings, many Super Bowl viewers have their smartphones and tablets in hand. How exactly do millions of Americans stay connected to their favorite teams? Nielsen collected data from viewers to see how media converge leading up to the big game. Out of more than 111 million viewers, 13.1 million visited NFL websites to check [...]

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10 Tech Must-Haves for Your Super Bowl Tailgate

via mashable.com by Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai Super Bowl Sunday, the biggest day of the year in sports, is just around the corner. The high-stakes matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens will be played this Sunday in New Orleans. There's no better time than now to get ready to support your team with some techy tailgating gear. Whether you're a Niners or a Ravens fan, you've got to show your true colors on the big day. And if you're a fan of one of the other 30 teams, well, [...]

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