Full-Service marketing agency, HallPass Media has spent the past 5 months working with a group of 6 hand-selected Sports Business Classroom students to launch No Trade Clause. No Trade Clause is a one-stop-shop for transactions, draft capital, contract/league deadlines, upcoming free agents, and salary cap figures for all 30 teams.
Our focus during this project was to help build out the digital infrastructure for the site that would allow us to show all 30 teams’ cap sheets. Our team is now focused on continuing to maintain the site and updating it with the current cap numbers, free agents, transactions, league declines, and much more. Another major area of focus is creating and solidifying a following on social media that paints No Trade Clause as both credible and informative when it comes to the Salary Cap and NBA Player movement/transactions. No Trade Clause will also feature a news section for all your CBA and salary cap news alow with opinion pieces from our group of staff writers.
As we start the new year, No Trade Clause will give our Sports Business Classroom students the opportunity to create a new way for everyone from front-office executives to the casual fan to learn about the salary cap and business of basketball.
To learn more about our team or to check out the No Trade Clause site click here: https://notradeclause.com/