Over the past five years HallPass Media has assisted in building the Lott IMPACT Trophy brand to become one of the top defensive awards in college football. With HallPass President Albert Hall acting as CEO of the Lott IMPACT Trophy brand since late 2014, several record benchmarks were reached during his five year tenure. The HallPass Media team accomplished a great deal in building the overall profile of the brand including landing partnerships with Mercedes Benz, One Main Financial, United Airlines, adidas, Fox Sports, and most recently a National TV broadcast with CBS Sports Network in 2017.

The largest notable gain was the expanded digital footprint across all channels particularly the college and university channels, blogs, and coverage sites. In 2017 alone, consumption of digital content rose 365%, including over 50k weekly fan votes and 150k video views of original content produced by HallPass. “What we were able to accomplish with a stand-alone property in the landscape of bigtime college football was truly remarkable. When you compare the marketing and activation budgets of other properties and what we had to work with…the Lott IMPACT Trophy exceeded performance expectations with us at the helm” said Albert Hall.

In addition to the marketing gains, Hall led several charitable initiatives and fundraising efforts including the establishment of the HITS Program (Helmet, Impact, Technique, Safety) and personally landing multiple six figure charitable contributions. “Overall we had a great run and the LIT Board was a pleasure to work with and I was honored to receive the prestigious Founders Award on behalf of me and my team. As our company continues to grow, we felt it was time to shift our focus on other areas of our business but we will forever be grateful for the opportunities the Lott IMPACT Trophy provided the HallPass Media team” said Hall.