Team HallPass, led by Albert Hall, has continued to be mentioned in the news for their contributions to the NBA Summer League. Their hard work and dedication to building an authentic and meaningful NBA experience has not gone unnoticed.

“Summer league exhibitions used to be an afterthought. What was once a loosely organized collection of teams convening for games in a variety of locations across the country with little or no fanfare has now become a massive marketing vehicle across nearly two weeks every summer in Las Vegas, where the league now also holds its annual meetings.

The behemoth the Vegas Summer League has become was the brainchild of LeGarie, the longtime NBA agent who represents many of the league’s top coaches and executives — including Washington Wizards Coach Scott Brooks and Houston Rockets Coach Mike D’Antoni — and his business partner Albert Hall, who saw an opportunity to capitalize on the lack of organization they saw in the league’s previous summer iterations which launched in 2004.

Virtually every important decision-maker in the sport now makes an appearance in Las Vegas each summer and 24 of the league’s 30 teams took part this year — a number that will likely increase by at least one next season, when the New York Knicks are expected to return after the departure of Phil Jackson as team president.” – Tim Bontemps, Washington Post.

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