Written by Sergio Millas, Director of Online Marketing and Sales

There’s no question that these days there are a number of different ways members of a team can communicate. With today’s technology, there are more ways than ever for teams to deliver and receive messages and in today’s fast-moving world, being efficient is of the utmost importance in order to stay competitive. A communication tool that we want to share with you that we’ve really taken a liking to here at HallPass Media is the enterprise social network tool, Yammer. Yammer is a tool that is, designed for private communication for members within a given organization. It allows all members of our team to post and comment on ideas, photos, videos, files, news, and content onto a Facebook-like interface. It also helps geographically dispersed team members stay connected.

By making this available and encouraging its use, everyone on the team gets to weigh in on a number of matters ranging from news, task assignments, execution strategies, tactics and opinions on creative. As a creative marketing firm that thrives on ideas, it is an ideal platform that promotes participation and the sharing of ideas, which we strongly believes leads to a culture of innovation in which ideas are celebrated.

Jake Schultz, Accounts Manager at HallPass Media comments, “As a marketing company who specializes in content creation, being able to share assets internally and efficiently is very important. For a long time we have used Box as our online file sharing and storing tool. Yammer recently became an official partner with Box making our internal collaboration capabilities much quicker and more effective. The Yammer integration with Box has allowed us to directly share files stored on Box.com to Yammer, allowing our media team to efficiently create a thread of comments on the content shared. This results in an organized conversation where everybody is involved, ideas are shared, and changes are made efficiently, resulting in the best possible creative outcome for our clients.

We intend to use this platform as an event management tool for one of our upcoming events. We believe that this will facilitate one-to-many communication. It will be a great platform for our senior staff to facilitate posting files, updates, schedules, policies and sending mass messages, as well as be able to answer questions publicly for everyone to be able to view and comment on. In the end, we believe that it will improve our efficiency and overall communication, and will help some of the new event workers get up to speed much more quickly.

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