As we learned during Saturday’s practice in El Segundo. In the clip below, Mike Brown was in the middle of talking about the interchangeable positions in his lineups when he interrupted his own train of thought to yell approval at Devin Ebanks for hitting the deck after a loose ball. It was then jokingly pointed out how well Brown’s glasses work. The coach is a famous connoisseur and collector of specs, so possessing this particular pair of high quality Oakleys is no joke to him.

Especially because they were given to him for free.

“This is one of my first deals right here with Oakley,” said Brown with gushing pride. “I got Oakley and Audi. Audi took care of me. But Oakley took care of me and they’re down in Orange County. They’re gonna supply me with my glasses, which I guess, that’s what being the Lakers coach is.

“When I was in Cleveland, I got the frames for free, and that was it. But now I’m the Lakers coach. Shoot, Oakley’s giving me the frames and the glasses, and plenty of them for free, so I can’t complain at all.”

It was then pointed out Phil Jackson is also an Audi pitchman, so perhaps the two could team up for a spot? Slow down, says Brown.

“I think they at me as ‘Junior’ or something like that, because I’m not in any commercial. I’m not getting paid big bucks like Phil, but I do get to drive one, so I’m happy about that. So I thank Audi of Santa Monica for taking care of me. (Laughs) You

[media] guys like that plug, huh? (Laughs) Hey, now I’m just driving an Audi. With that plug, it might turn into some cash. And if it does, whoever ran it, I’m taking to lunch. If you guys get it on your station and I get paid for it, then it’s on me.”

“Well, it’s on Audi,” clarified Brown with a laugh.

As two guys with a love of lunch, particularly lunches with a bill footed by somebody else, Brian and I kindly request the Land O’ Lakers readership retweet this post to death until you see Mike Brown on television driving an Audi. Make sure to include hashtags with “Audi,” “Mike Brown” and “K Bros,” so the car company honchos don’t give credit — and our meal — to some TV cameraman or rival blogger. In our imaginations, the deep-pocketed folks at Audi only frequent places rated 5-10 stars, so this is a very exciting opportunity for us.