The Las Vegas NBA Summer League played its inaugural season in 2004 with six NBA teams playing a total thirteen games at UNLV, the league has since grown to twenty-two (22) NBA teams playing fifty-five (55) games in 2010. Summer league rosters are typically a mix of the team’s rookies, some of their younger bench players, and various unsigned players who are looking for exposure. The main benefit for fans and media outlets is to get a closer look at the top rookies and how they play against competition NBA competition. 

President of HallPass Media-Albert Hall is Vice President of Business Operations and one of the founders of the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas. For the past seven years HallPass Media has been involved in all aspects of the league including NBA, TV, Sponsorship Sales, Web, Partnership Activation, Teams, Staff, Building, Legal, Hospitality, Media during the ten day event.

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