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Brendan Weissman

The HallPass Studios space gave me the professionalism and legitimacy I was looking for to record my show. - Brendan Weissman Chapman University Student

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Larry Coon

HallPass pays attention to every detail, and HallPass Studios builds on their excellent track record. They’ve built an amazing space for recording video and audio – it’s really a content creator’s dream! I always look forward to using their studio and working with the HallPass team to turn my ideas into reality. - Larry Coon General Manager, Sports Business Classroom / Author, CBA FAQ

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Sample 1

HallPass Studios provides a unique atmosphere to produce quality content. - Dr. John Pecora VP of Content and Education, WBC Group

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Wade Plemons – HP Studios

HallPass Studios is a content creator’s dream! I had the opportunity to use their studio for the video and audio production of my podcast and couldn’t be happier with the results. They are a professional grave sound proof studio as well as state of the art equipment to produce the cleanest sound and video I’ve ever used! If you’re serious about creating content and are looking for a place to start your podcast, voice over recording, or producing, HallPass Studios is the best place in Orange County! - [...]

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