HallPass Media is proud to announce a new partnership with AlwaysLive, the new frontier for grassroots basketball. With no barriers to entry or shoe company affiliations, teams participating in AlwaysLive events will benefit from being able to participate in high quality, top ranked events with additional exposure and level playing fields from around the country.

The AlwaysLive basketball tour will play host to over 10,000 teams and 100,000 boys and girls of all age groups over the course of 100 plus events in 2019. AlwaysLive events allow teams to participate in regional events while gaining national exposure. Select events will feature live streamed broadcasts, statistics, player profiles, media coverage, and player databases available to college recruiters and scouts everywhere.

With no shoe influence or limitations, AlwaysLive events have already featured some of the top teams from the adidas Gauntlet, Nike EYBL and Under Armour Association competing against each other head to head in marquee events across the country this season. Although the shoe competitions have provided an excellent backdrop for grassroots basketball over the years, many of the participants play the same teams from spring through summer and they are seeking fresh competition. The landscape is changing and so are many of the rules, including the amount of Live Period weekends for college recruiters to evaluate. The new mentality is it’s AlwaysLive…anytime, anyone, anywhere.

HallPass Media has been tasked with providing a wide variety of services including brand strategy and consulting, event operations, digital marketing and distribution, and web development for this emerging property. As the platform continues to grow and blossom, HallPass has plans to develop marquee events during non-live periods making player profiles and access to games essential to recruiters.

“The HallPass team has been involved in this space for over twenty years and has experienced some of the true feel good stories and some of the not so beautiful sides of the grassroots basketball business…but what we do know is that changes are coming and we want to be ahead of the curve. There’s always a need for more exposure to the unranked or unhyped athlete and what’s missing is the ability to compete head to head with the so called best. AlwaysLive provides a great platform for pure competition without shoe influence and instead of reducing the opportunities for evaluation, it’s Always the Live Period in our eyes. We think this model has a chance and like every other basketball project we participate in, couldn’t be happier to do our part to make the game better.” Said, Albert Hall, President HallPass Media.

Michael Mann, Founder of AlwaysLive had this to say,“HallPass Media has a proven track record in the basketball business and the timing to work with them couldn’t have been better. We’re truly excited about this collaboration with all of our partners at AlwaysLive and as this project continues to grow and gain momentum, having a seasoned group of professionals like Albert, Sergio and the team at HallPass will only help us navigate the challenges and amplify the success of the platform. AlwaysLive and Always Real is how we’re keeping it, our entire team looks forward to the challenge.”

Just one month into the partnership, the HallPass team has rolled out a number of new digital initiatives including the new website at www.always.live and jumped in to provide support at various key stops on the AlwaysLive tour including Greensboro, NC, Augusta, GA and Jacksonville, FL, with plans to have a presence at every major AlwaysLive event this summer.